Just be you

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I felt like sharing a message today, but after I finished writing it I had second thoughts about whether to publish it or not. It was the kind of message I would read on someone else’s profile or wall or whatever and think oh god, not again. But I still thought publishing it was the right thing to do, and so I’ve done.

I think I’m mostly averse to motivational messages because I find them silly, or empty, or redundant. We all know that! But if this lockdown has taught me something is that there is nothing we all know. It might sound silly, or repetitive, or annoying… to me. I might feel like it’s obvious, like everyone knows it, but I’ve found myself reading many things these days that were obvious too and I hadn’t thought of. And they helped me.

I guess a message is worth sharing when there’s a chance that it may help even a 1% of the people reading it, because if something is clear now is that we’re all in this together.

Here’s the message.

Social media, video calls, (bad) news, things you must do, things you must feel… enough!
It’s okay to allow yourself to turn your head on all that from time to time.
Just breathe and do whatever you feel like doing. Feel whatever you’re feeling. It’s all good.
We’re all struggling. We’re all doing the best we can. There is no right or wrong.
You are you: don’t forget that.
Just be you.

In these arms

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I pictured a thousand different scenarios, a thousand possible ways to celebrate our anniversary, but this was none of them. How could have I imagined this? Nobody saw it coming, and all of a sudden we were blowing this candle under quarantine. I’m here, you’re there, and it doesn’t matter where there is or how far it is: sometimes the only thing that matters is that there is not here.

Words are funny. You add one letter to one and I cannot hug you anymore; and everyone’s dying to get out but I would kill to stay in if you were here.

Happy anniversary, I guess.

I love you.

The Swell Season – In these arms

Maybe I was born to hold you in these arms